Collectors in Ukraine Search for “War Trophies”

Collectors in Ukraine Search for

Collectors Are on the Search for This in Ukraine…

( – The conflict in Ukraine has been going on for more than five months with no sign of stopping. Despite the ongoing fight, Ukrainians are fighting to stay positive, though it’s tough for some who feel they’re not doing enough. But a recent movement gives people the chance to feel more connected to their soldiers on the frontlines by collecting “war trophies.”

Civilians in the battle-scarred country are gathering mementos — everything from pieces of shrapnel to Russian military uniforms. People are looking for any part of the war they can, with some even selling what they find to raise money for Ukraine’s forces. Artists in the country are going as far as implementing spent casings and bits of explosives into their work.

One such well-known virtuoso working out of Lviv, Serhii Petrov, told The New York Times that every piece “has a story.” For many, collecting fragments of bombs, missiles, mortar fins, and just about anything to do with the war is a way to memorialize the fight and show solidarity with those defending their sovereignty.

Tetiana Okhten, also in Lviv, helps run the UAid Charity, which uses the money it raises from these collectibles to create protective vests, medicine, and other items the Ukrainian soldiers may need. It’s truly inspiring to see how tools once used for destruction now save lives and bring people the comfort and purpose they need in these dark times.

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