Brain Shrinkage Reported as Side Effect of COVID

Brain Shrinkage Reported as Side Effect of COVID

( – Ever felt like you couldn’t remember anything while you were sick? Well, it turns out that if you’ve had COVID-19, the virus may have caused you to become forgetful. A recent study appears to link brain shrinkage to COVID-19.

Researchers at Oxford University discovered that the pandemic-causing virus seems to dramatically impact the brain. Their study is the first major research project comparing brain scans of people before and after COVID-19 infections. The results indicate that the virus can cause the brain to shrink, which can lead to memory loss.

Nature, an online journal, published the study that outside neurologists peer reviewed. While they determined the findings to be unique and potentially valuable, they argued the information didn’t necessarily indicate that COVID-19 could cause lasting brain damage or memory loss.

Regardless of how long-lasting the effects might be, the scientists behind the research asserted there is evidence linking COVID-19 to brain abnormalities. The researchers found that even people who didn’t require hospitalization showed signs of brain shrinkage, particularly in the area controlling the sense of smell.

The study doesn’t indicate whether these impacts could be long-term, or if there was any way to reverse the damage. Researchers didn’t disclose whether having the COVID-19 vaccine would improve or worsen the condition either, although studies have shown people who get vaccinated are less likely to develop long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

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