Bill O’Reilly Comes Out Swinging Against Fox News

Bill O'Reilly Comes Out Swinging Against Fox News

( – Fox News has enjoyed high ratings for a long time now. The network has found its stride among its viewers, but not everyone is happy with the way Fox is running itself. In fact, a former employee recently stepped up and called out the network with some scathing remarks.

Bill O’Reilly left nothing to the imagination during his onslaught of his former employer. The ex-Fox News host’s comments came as he commended Jennifer Griffin, the network’s National Security Correspondent, for her willingness to be different. O’Reilly mentioned on his webcast that Fox has become a disservice to the American people, claiming it’s riddled with propagandists.

O’Reilly asserted that the network had changed since his time working for them. According to him, at one point in time, the network would correct people for spreading propaganda — adding that’s not the case anymore. O’Reilly made sure to mention that the issue isn’t just with Fox News, but rather that all broadcast news outlets have started spreading propaganda.

These are strong allegations coming from someone who, before the network let him go over accusations of sexual harassment, was once one of Fox News’ brightest anchors. Now, the question is whether or not he has a point, or if he’s just sour about Fox News letting him go.

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