Biden Faces Criticism For Claiming He Taught ‘Political Theory’

( – President Joe Biden is once again being criticized on social media for comments he made after speaking about the economy on Sept. 14 at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland. His latest claim is that he taught a course at the University of Pennsylvania in “political theory.” He referenced the knowledge he gained while teaching the course when discussing what he says is a threat to democracy in America. He said he taught political theory at the school for four years.

Twitter users criticized Biden quickly for making the claim, with some saying he is making up a “pretend life.” Greg Price, a conservative digital strategist, said Biden “never taught a single class at UPenn.”

“Biden’s pretend life sounds very fun and interesting” author Carol Roth stated.

Vince Langmann questioned whether Biden was a “late-stage dementia patient” or “a serial liar.”

“Another day, another lie,” Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, the Republican national spokeswoman, wrote on Twitter.

While Biden was named an honorary professor at the University of Pennsylvania, there is no proof he ever taught a class. From 2017-2021, the University of Pennsylvania notes that Biden was the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of Practice. Biden’s responsibilities in the role did not include those of a typical professor such as conducting independent research, handling administrative responsibilities, or teaching semester-long classes. While he held the honorary position, Biden made around $900,000 in income from the University of Pennsylvania.

While in this role, a previous fact-check by found that Biden never taught “a semester’s worth of courses.” However, the fact-check noted that while in that role Biden did give talks and lectures to students, and hold Q&As with administrators at UPenn, making around a dozen or so appearances at the school over the years.

The position “was closer to two years than four,” because Biden took a leave of absence when he ran for president, according to a fact-check by Politifact.

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