Biden Administration Blocks Glenn Beck From Rescuing Afghani Christians

Biden Administration Blocks Glenn Beck From Rescuing Afghani Christians

( – President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan has landed him in hot water as the country becomes a breeding ground for chaos. Many people agree that US troops no longer have a place in Afghanistan, but they disagree with how the president withdrew them. As a result, thousands of US citizens and Afghan allies remain stranded in Afghanistan. With the August 31 deadline for evacuations upon us, one would think the president would take all the help he can get to complete that mission.

Who Is Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck is a conservative commentator, radio host, and television producer. He is also the founder, owner, and CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, which serves as the parent company of his television and radio network, The Blaze. Beck has been working with the Nazarene Fund, a non-profit Christian group, to help get Afghan Christians out of the war-torn country. So far, they have raised nearly $30 million to facilitate the project.

Blocked by Biden

On Thursday, August 26, Beck told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the US State Department is hindering his attempts to rescue Afghan Christians from certain death at the hands of Taliban soldiers. Continuing, he noted that his relief efforts already secured the rescue of about 5,100 people from Afghanistan since the Taliban seized control of the country early in August.

Beck also said that 500 people were in the airport ready to depart Kabul as of last Thursday. But, instead of finding a means to fly the people back to the United States, officials sent them back into harm’s way outside the gates. Beck said he feared some of the people killed in last week’s ISIS-K suicide bomber attack were part of that group.

He believes that if any of them were among the 500, the State Department is fully responsible for their deaths. Beck mentioned that White House and State Department officials have been in his way at every turn.

Shocking Development

The people Beck managed to safely evacuate have found refuge in two unnamed Islamic countries. He refused to name the countries because he fears US officials would try to thwart his ability to bring future refugees there. Beck claimed US officials already reached out to other nations to warn them not to aid his evacuation efforts.

It’s currently unclear as to how many Afghan Christians remain in the Middle Eastern country facing death. Current estimates range between 1,000 and 20,000.

Hopefully, Beck can renew his efforts to save lives.

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