Airspace Violation Leads to US Military Response Over Lake Huron

Airspace Violation Leads to US Military Response Over Lake Huron

( – US military jets shot down an unidentified object over Lake Huron on February 12, marking the third unauthorized aircraft discovered over North America in as many days. Officials are still working on recovering and identifying the wreckage to determine where the object came from and why it violated US airspace.

The Hill reported the object first became apparent when it flew over Canadian territory on February 11, when North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) deployed F-16 fighter jets for visual identification. The effort failed, and the fighters lost sight of the craft, which reemerged the next day as it headed toward Wisconsin. The US military finally took down the object as it flew over Lake Huron.

Officials shot down a similar object flying over Alaska on February 10. Then, on February 11, the US took down another object over Canada after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau requested (NORAD) intervention. Officials believed they spotted yet another unauthorized aircraft when NORAD radar picked up an apparent image over Montana, but the sighting turned out to be a false alarm.

This latest takedown adds to concerns over the possibility that a rival country could be stepping up its intelligence efforts against the United States. China seems a likely suspect, but experts warn that other countries could be using crafts such as the spy balloon the military shot down on February 4 off South Carolina. Speaking to ABC News, Mick Mulroy, a defense analyst and former deputy assistant secretary for defense in the Middle East, conjectured that Russia could have launched some of these crafts either to observe or to drive wedges in US/China relations.

The military is considering all possibilities. According to Time, NORAD isn’t even taking aliens off the table. Still, given how China unapologetically took credit for the apparent spy balloon the US shot down on February 4 but has yet to step forward regarding these latest objects, the communist nation could indeed be a red herring. During a recent press conference, General Glen VanHerck, NORAD commander, admitted these latest objects might not even be balloons: “We’re calling them objects for a reason.”

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