ADL Now Says Whoopi Goldberg Shouldn’t Be Cancelled

ADL Now Says Whoopi Goldberg Shouldn't Be Cancelled

( – One of ABC’s “The View” hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, recently made remarks about the Holocaust. Many watchers found her statement offensive, leading to her suspension from the show. Some called for the network to remove her permanently. The Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Jonathan Greenblatt, believes canceling Goldberg isn’t the answer.

Goldberg asserted on the show’s January 31 airing that the Holocaust had nothing to do with race, but rather was about the inhumanity man has toward man.

“The View” host later explained on-air why her comments were inaccurate and harmful, yet ABC still decided to suspend her. The network’s CEO claims the original comments were wrong and hurtful to the Jewish community.

Greenblatt joined CNN’s Don Lemon for an interview in which he defended Goldberg, claiming the public was unfairly condemning her. He explained that people in the spotlight often make the mistake of saying something insensitive and offending people.

The ADL Director claims he doesn’t believe in cancel culture; instead, he advocates for “counsel culture.” He also notes that he’s willing to work with Goldberg and anyone else who wanted to use the moment as a lesson to be better.

Do you believe counsel culture is better than cancel culture? It certainly seems to take a more rational approach.

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